NEW TOUR! 7am SAT 30TH MAY (Sydney) Friday US/EU/UK

I’m taking AZ-B for a live visit to Dr. Peter Hill, artist and author, in Sydney,
Saturday 30th May.

Peter has been in lockdown in Balmain working on his art and writing. Having temporarily shelved his plans for his book on Australian art and a second publication of interviews with prominent artists, he has been creating a mini-museum of objects in the house, working on new paintings and writing about art, corona and light house keeping. Peter is an early riser in Sydney and it will be late Friday here in Holland and throughout the EU/UK but we hope if you are in these zones that you can still join us. If in the US (Mid to late afternoon Friday) or Australia (early morning) please also jump aboard whether for coffee, tea, wine, a night cap or a bedtime herbal brew!

We will enjoy a reading from Peter’s award wining book Stargazer, have a chat and take audience questions!
7:00 Sydney/23:00 Amsterdam/17:00 Boston/:00 Houston
Contact me for Zoom link

Published by lisamckimmie

I am an artist and art teacher currently living and working in Sydney. I studied undergraduate Visual Arts at Edith Cowan University in Perth, completed my Masters in Visual Arts at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW, Sydney and studied printmaking at the National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney. I worked in Sydney in contemporary art galleries up until I left Australia and wrote and presented Professional Arts Practice lectures and seminars to final year undergraduates at the NAS. In Asia, the UK and Europe I have tutored and taught art privately including distance tutoring online. While living in Singapore I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Education, Visual Arts with Monash University. In The Netherlands I worked, in pandemic lockdown, in a small studio in the forest of De Paauuw thanks to the generosity of Dutch artist and printmaker, Florence Fernhout and the Wassenaar Gemeente. Our May 2020 exhibition at Pulchri Gallery in Den Haag (The Hague) was cancelled due to corona virus controls, reschedulaed and again cancelled in 2021. To break the isolation and bring attention to artists and their works (including current exhibitions in lockdown or cancelled) I started the Art Zoom-Bus, AZ-B. Initially AZ-B was to bring together friends and colleagues who usually meet annually at a conference. This years conference (in Lisbon) was cancelled. Though the work has gone online and continues, the social outings that give everyone a work/leisure balance, do not. Social outings are often to galleries and museums so, at the suggestion of friends in lockdown in remote places, we went online for gallery and studio tours! Other friends have joined the tours now and so we have AZ-B! The Zoom Bus is temporarily parked as lockdowns have lifted and I carry on with my art studio practice in Sydney at One Plus 2 Studios, Balmain. I am still pondering on whether I'll reboot the Bus and in what format! If you'd like to see the Zoom Bus back on the digital road let me know your thoughts!

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