Lisa McKimmie

I am an artist and teacher and have recently relocated back to Australia after almost twenty years in the UK, Asia and Europe.
In The Netherlands, until September 2020, I painted and drew, in pandemic lockdown, in a small studio in the forests of De Paauw thanks to the generosity of Dutch artist and printmaker, Florence Fernhout and the Wassenaar Gemeente. Our May 2020 exhibition, to be titled Ontmoeten in De Bos, at Pulchri Studio in Den Haag (The Hague) was cancelled due to corona virus controls. Florence and I have rescheduled for October 2021 so stay tuned!
In the 2020 Dutch summer I created the Art Zoom-Bus, AZ-B, to break the lockdown isolation and bring attention to artists and their works (including current exhibitions in lockdown or cancelled).
Initially AZ-B was to bring together friends and colleagues who usually meet annually at a conference. This years conference (in Lisbon) was cancelled. Though the work has gone online and continues, the social outings that give everyone a work/leisure balance, do not. Social outings are often to galleries and museums so, at the suggestion of friends in lockdown in remote places, we went online for gallery and studio tours! Other friends have joined the tours now and so we have AZ-B!

Dec/2020 Update from Australia: Time differences and the various states of chaos, new order or isolation we find ourselves in has made the scheduling of AZB meetings difficult. Exhibitions are being postponed in many places or, here in Australia, are once again open to the public. If anyone has an interest in setting up a tour to a specific studio or location please do not hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, I am always happy to arrange a Zoom Bus journey together to just break the isolation and distance!

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