my artworks

Paintings and drawings from Sydney, Australia and the forests of The Hague and Wassenaar.

By Lisa McKimmie

Below find a few new images from my studio at One Plus 2 Studios, Balmain, Sydney. Some completed and some marked ‘work in progress’.

Untitled, Oil stick, S’graffito and oil on linen 2022
Errata-Wetlands, oil and oil stick on linen, 91 x 183cm
Wetlands II, oil and oil stick on linen, 84 x 137cm
Work in progress, oil and oil stick on canvas, 60 x 202cm
Work in progress, oil; and oil stick on canvas, 84 x 196cm
Landscapes View from Window, oil on linen, 112 x 84cm

Rising Salt, oil on linen, 102 x 92cm

Since arriving back in Australia I have kind of settled into a new series of work, albeit interrupted by various Covid restrictions and now a longer lockdown due to the Delta strain outbreak. Above are some drawings and paintings and a couple of views of my studio space. The works are still landscape (excepting a bit of fun I had doing a portrait of a studio neighbour) but have shifted to recalling landscape from memory and exploring the influence of shifting to a different light and season. I have not yet been able to paint in the Australian landscape due to travel restrictions and local events. I hope to move back into plein air painting in the not too distant future!

Please get in touch and follow the site. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new works and hear what everyone is up to. Hi ho from Sydney.

Greenery, oil on linen
106 x 76cm, 2019 (Reserved)
Greenery II, oil on linen
106 x 76 cm, 2019 (Reserved)
Early Autumn, oil on linen
76 x 106 cm, 2019
The Princessetuin in winter, oil on linen
185 x 95 cm 2020
Sapling, oil on linen
76 x 120 cm, 2020
Yellow blossom at winters end, oil on linen
72 x 72 cm, 2020
Winter path, oil on canvas

Prices on request.

Untitled, 2020
Studio, 2020 (in progress)
Untitled 2, 2020 (in progress)
Untitled 2, oil on linen 2020
Studio, 2020, oil on linen.
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