November 2021 Update

A new studio! At the end of yet another long lockdown, and though the state borders are not all open there is more freedom of movement for us all. Over the lockdown I gave notice at my studio in Newtown (will miss the friends and community there) and moved all my art sundries to OneContinue reading “November 2021 Update”

Ontmoeten in De Bos/A Chance Meeting in the Forest.

#gaffa gallery Exhibition opens 21st January 2021 to 1st February. Gaffa Gallery is at Clarence Street, Sydney, one block from the Queen Victoria Building and Town Hall. Covid precautions in place. Drop by or contact me for an appointment. http://gaffa gallery In the Dutch summer of 2019 I began sharing a small studio in theContinue reading “Ontmoeten in De Bos/A Chance Meeting in the Forest.”

From Australia.

I cleared quarantine with my family mid-September and then we moved into a temporary apartment for two months. We used that time in the city centre to navigate the bureaucracy of settling in and re-establishing residency after a long absence. Covid19 delays and protocols slowed the process and there were a few road blocks toContinue reading “From Australia.”

Sharing a Readings recorded interview and a new book from Philip Salom.

Link below only active for download this week!!! Since the tyranny of distance (and now we have the tyranny of distancing to compound matters) has put to bed the prospect of live zooming with you all I hope sharing some art and literature I have deeply enjoyed will be of value my friends.I attended aContinue reading “Sharing a Readings recorded interview and a new book from Philip Salom.”

29th or 30th May NL to Au, Zoom Bus to Dr. Peter Hill, Sydney

It was late here, almost the witching hour and the crack of dawn in Sydney, when we went live to visit with Scottish Australian artist and writer, Dr. Peter Hill in Balmain, Sydney. Our audience came in from Paris, and Puglia, Italy (clearly night owls like me), Connecticut, Massachusetts and The Hague. We were aContinue reading “29th or 30th May NL to Au, Zoom Bus to Dr. Peter Hill, Sydney”